Morris Township woman launches online sustainable clothing boutique

Morris Township woman launches online sustainable clothing boutique

A Morris County businesswoman recently launched an online experience offering customers the opportunity to shop for sustainable clothing.

Up and running since September, LISSA the Shop is the brainchild of owner Lissa Dohl, 44, a Los Angeles native who moved to Manhattan to work in the fashion industry, got married and chose Morris Township as the place to start her family.

“I have a West Coast sensibility of style and what I like to wear,” said Dohl, who sits on the board of the Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center and co-chairs its art committee. “What I can’t find on South Street (in Morristown), I’d like to bring to my friends and colleagues in this area.”

It was the birth of her now 5-year-old son, Johannes, that Dohl credits with seeding the idea to sell eco-friendly fashions.

“Like probably most mothers, I became concerned about eliminating toxins from food, to what I’m cleaning with, to what my child is wearing,” she said. “Then it became about what I’m wearing, because I’m holding my child.”

Carefully sourced
All clothing sold by LISSA the Shop is non-toxic, colored with low-impact dyes and made of organic materials grown in pesticide-free environments, Dohl says.

Verification of humane working conditions in garment production is a must before any designer line is carried, in contrast with what Dohl refers to as “the fast fashions at the big box stores that are made overseas in sweatshops.” In fact, most of the nearly one dozen designers with whom LISSA deals are American-owned small businesses that manufacture their clothing in the U.S.

Also motivating the net boutique’s start-up was Dohl’s own experience as a new mom in not being able to find the clothing she needed from conventional retail stores.

“I was looking for clothes that a mom or woman could wear every day, casual clothes that aren’t restricting, but that still have a style to them.”

That usually meant spending hours online scouting out dozens of designers, Dohl says, as opposed to having the one-stop shopping convenience offered by LISSA’s website.